Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today's platform building challenge is to state my short and long term goals.  I feel only slightly better about this than I did about defining myself yesterday.

Short term goals:

-Keep up submission schedule of one story per week through the end of 2012.
-Put at least one of my short story collections in front of an editor/agent/publishing house before the end of the year.
-Continue posting at least semi-weekly to blogger through the end of August
-Finish screenplay before the end of the year
-Finish a draft of children's book before the end of the year
-Join Twitter
-Make at least two new literary connections per month through the end of 2012
-Start using Facebook to make writing connections
-Try not to puke while writing long term goals

Long term goals

-Be a good father, husband, family member, and friend to all beings everywhere (including myself)
-Finish a novel and publish it
-Publish a book of poetry
-Write a memoir
-Continue to collaborate with other artists
-Surrender to life
-Live in peace and recognize abundance

Not bad.  Definitely much easier than yesterday.  Am I improving?  I do so like improving;)

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