Monday, May 21, 2012

Building My Writer Platform, Day 6

Okay.  I just commented on someone else's blog, which was the task for today.  you can find the comment here on Yuvi Zalkow's blog.  I found Yuvi in the blogosphere while chasing links during yesterday's platform-building work.  I'm actually starting to have some fun with this, though it can be maddening.  There is so much out there.  I see lots of opportunity for connections, but I also still feel fear that I might meet enemies.  I also tend to compulsively feel that I need to master the entire environment, which is insane.  I'm finding my way, though.  Bit by bit I'll keep building and reaching out, and I really believe exciting things will come of this.

By the way, you should check out Yuvi's short films on writing.  Here is the most recent one.  It's about networking, surprise surprise.

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