Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby, You're Not Really a Firework. You're More Like a Tough Nut


I've been feeling low lately.  Nothing very bad has happened, but there's been something of a perfect storm of small setbacks and let downs, and it's knocked me for a loop.  That's at least part of the reason I've gotten behind on the blog.  I've been writing, sure, but the fun has been gone, and this blog is nothing without the fun.

Last night I had a dream.  I was visited by the angel Esmeralda.  She descended out of the sky above Oscar the Grouch's trash can.  Above her head, I could just see the glistening wires they use to whisk muppets through the air.  Her skin was purple and fuzzy, her dress was white muslin, and her wings were silver taffeta with chrome tinsel around the perimeter.  In her hand, she held a sparkling crystal wand with a star on the end of it, and it bounced jauntily in time as she sang these words to me:

Blickety blickety blockety,
bitter bitter snew.
Slip and slap,
and doubedly drat,
click and glick and brew.
Sam and fam and gorshdram,
alster fingdom boo,
forsten burnen hom potash,
alden grumbed grew.

I couldn't make anymore sense out of it than you probably can, and I didn't feel any better when I woke up, but I did feel a sort of awareness growing that this, too, shall pass, which is something I didn't quite have in my sights before.

I don't know if Angel Esmeralda's poem will be of any use to you, but I thought I'd share it in case it might help someone else out there who is stuck in a rut.  I also thought it might serve as a reminder to trust in your resilience, in the manifold and sometimes strange things inside you that can manifest and help you get back on your feet.


P.S.  I should have the winners of L&L's lyric writing contest next week.  Apologies for the delay.

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